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"Because I am someone who experiences chronic neck discomfort and occasional back surgery-related lower back pain flare-ups, having Philip perform weekly "maintenance" body work has been critical to my well-being."

- Mrs. C. R.

Middle-aged female exerciser in need of ongoing neck therapy

"Until I began this integrated approach with Philip I could not successfully exercise without causing myself great pain. I have tried other trainers with other techniques and ended up in pain."

- Ms. N.S.

40 y.o. female, post breast cancer treatment fitness program

"I simply would not have been able to increase my skills over the years without Philip's integrated approach because I'd already tried other trainers and had aggravated my injuries during the training - decided I could not advance - and stopped the work."

- Dr. L.G.

Middle-aged female exerciser with chronic pain caused by old injuries

"With Philip's insights, training methods and some body work, I have substantially improved my posture, balance and physical strength. He is an important contributor in maintaining my well being.

I do have some chronic problems that mostly stay in the background with proper exercise and stretching. But occasionally during my workout, something gets tweaked and having Philip take immediate action helps keep it from becoming a problem and allows a more intense workout."

- Mrs. O.O.

Middle-aged female, life-long exerciser with on and off physical challenge

"I managed to run 13 miles on Saturday, essentially pain free! It was very exciting and gave me hope that I can make my marathon happen.

It has been fantastic working with you, and I can't tell you how comfortable your obvious expertise makes me. I feel very fortunate to get to work with you."

- Mr. R. M.

30 y.o. male training for 1st marathon, fitness therapy for knee pain

"I absolutely loved training with you. You pushed & challenged me more than anyone, and I can’t believe how far I have come in such a short time frame."

- Ms. L. S.

Twenty-something female training to improve fitness and physique

"I feel like a new person already, my knee actually feels alive!!! I can bend it, I can get out of the car, I can go down the stairs, you are an angel!! Thank you so much!!!"

- Mrs. A. S.

60 y.o. post-rehab fitness therapy for total knee replacement

"You have done more to make me healthy than anyone in the world!"

- Mrs. S. M.

60 y.o. who just enjoys exercise

"Yours is the best exercise session I've ever taken. I wish I'd discovered it sooner."

- Ms. K.B.

40 y.o. exercise enthusiast training for more strength and muscle tone