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Newbie Exercisers

If you have little to no exercise experience, you'll need adequate time to receive the proper guidance and training to develop a well-rounded routine. Two to 3 months of training workouts will be a good starting point, with the intent of meeting at least 2 times a week. Thereafter, depending on your confidence and skill level, adjustments to your training schedule can be made.

Intermediate Exercisers

If you have moderate exercise experience and want to make your program more effective, five to 10 training workouts, with the intent of meeting once or twice a week, will give you a chance to develop a successful combination of new exercises and intensities that work for you. Thereafter, a once-a-week meeting for several months will be very helpful in fine-tuning the new elements of your program.

Advanced Exercisers

If you have extensive exercise experience and just want to jump-start a stale program, one to 5 training workouts may be all you need to break the plateau. Thereafter, a meeting once or twice a month will be very helpful in keeping your new program on track.

Exercisers Requiring Therapy

The combination of bodywork with fitness training is Fitness Therapy. If you have muscle, joint, flexibility or chronic pain issues requiring a fitness therapy program, start with one session for assessment. Afterwards, Philip can discuss the results with you and make a recommendation

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