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Philip Leung doing Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi literally translates into “Supreme Ultimate,” which gives one a sense of how this martial art/exercise form was revered by the ancient Chinese.

Today, millions of people around the world practice it with the belief that it facilitates the flow of qi (life force, energy; pronounced "chee") in the body, promoting good health and vitality.

Tai Chi is based on movements that are Yin Yang opposites: soft and rigid, backwards and forwards, yielding and action. Regular practice has been shown to improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength and overall health. As an added benefit, the mental demands of learning and remembering Tai Chi also make it an excellent training modality for improving cognitive brain function.

Philip Leung doing Tai Chi

Students usually start by learning a short solo routine of Tai Chi to develop coordination, mobility, memory and balance. As the student progresses, routines incorporating the use of weapons (sword, saber, etc.) as well as push-hands skills (partnered exercises) can be learned.

Philip began his study of Tai Chi in 1984 and has been teaching since 1994.

Philip has won gold medals in Tai Chi competition and has officiated for many Tai Chi tournaments around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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