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Fitness Training

A stronger body allows you to enjoy a higher quality of life. Daily activities are managed with greater ease and you'll more likely participate in recreational activities with family and friends.

Regular exercise helps to prevent or manage diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis. In time, it also increases body image self-confidence as you begin to reap the aesthetic benefits.

For clients who can exercise without the need of any therapy, Philip's training style leans towards improving strength and muscle tone. So whether you're trying to get back in shape, enhance athletic performance, improve core strength or body aesthetics, he can help you.

By applying his extensive fitness experience into your program design, Philip will address the elements common to all successful training routines:

Exercise selection

Learn which exercises are best for your situation: machines, free-weights, isolation, compound or integrated movements.

Exercise frequency

How often do you need to do it to progress towards your goal?

Exercise duration

How much time should you spend on each workout?

Exercise intensity

How hard do you need to work to make progress?

He'll work closely with you to clarify each facet so that it all makes sense while developing a progressive program that moves you toward your goals.

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